Creating better homes

Pelham Homes Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) Group. It was incorporated in 2004 as a commercial company to carry out any profit-making activity within the Group.

Our vision:
"Building profit for a purpose"

Our main activity is providing housing for sale. Other activities include services such as architectural design and project management with the aim of generating a profit.

Our principal aim is to generate profits that will be gift-aided back to NCHA to help to add more social value to the wider community. This “profit for a purpose” approach also feeds into the Group’s wider value for money objectives.


Trent Lane, Nottingham

We will build 50-75 new homes a year

Our values


To apply an ethical and sustainable approach to all of our business activities

Value for money

To achieve value for money in all areas of our business

Meeting needs

To meet the needs of local communities, local authorities and partner organisations


To develop and nurture joint venture working partnerships

Our commitments

1Maintain our financial viability by operating within loan covenants and generating profits each year over the life of this plan to gift aid or reinvest in our vision

2Maintain our customer focus by ensuring our plans and decision making are informed by our customers’ and partners’ needs and demands

3Maintain growth by building 50 to 75 new homes per year using our development project management and sales services. We will also work through our jointly owned company Pitch LLP, to assist in the property development plans of others

4To provide a professional and efficient property sales service maximising income for Pelham Homes and joint venture partners



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